How Would You Feel About at Least Asking the Question?

Picture Jesus looking out over the four states we call home in the Southwestern District. He sees over 35 million people going about life…many of them oblivious to who Jesus really is and what one finds in Him.

Then picture Jesus looking out over the 40 churches of our District, and He begins to dream! What if? What if those 40 churches each helped start a new church? What if they looked into the communities around them and at least asked the question, “Would Jesus have us multiply ourselves over there?” What if in the next few years, new works started all over the place, and hundreds or even thousands were pulled from the 35 million people into a place of following Jesus? How would you feel about at least asking the question?

For more information regarding church planting in the Southwestern District, please contact the District Office at or (817) 561–0879.

Your Church can become a Greenhouse Church – meaning you can be a place that encourages, helps and actually is involved in planting another Church.