Hurricane Harvey Relief Help Update Nov-Dec:  (see video from October)

Please see the update below for the latest information:

Some of the more important things needed now for the recovery phase:

*** Sheetrock / insulation / sheetrock screws (The churches have some storage facility space on-site)

Financial assistance is appreciated. (Hosting teams and additional costs should not be a burden to the host church)

Financial support that will help our relief efforts can be given to CAMA Services at:

Financial support to the Southwestern District for relief efforts can be done at: (look for the specific page).

If you want to come as a team or an individual please contact SWD Houston Coordinator:  or call (281)755-6231 (Relief For Houston C&MA phone) and ask for Larry McHaney our Southwestern District Relief Coordinator.

If you are wanting to come as a solo worker we may be able to place you into a team that is already coming.

  • We need people who can work in heat (90+ degrees and 70% + humidity).
  • For safety: most of the time long pants (no shorts on work sites); no flip flops, no open toed shoes, please bring sturdy shoes (mud and wet), strong work gloves and dust filter masks.
  • Please bring your own tools (hammer, pry bar, rakes, shovels, heavy duty/contractor garbage bags, sturdy brooms, pump sprayers), small generators to run power tools if you are bringing them.
  • For personal use:
    • bring sunglasses, hats, insect repellent and sunscreen.
    • There are no easily available laundry facilities. We do have showers.
    • Bring your own bedding (you may be/probably will be on the a cot).
  • Please communicate skills that you have (including cleaning).

We can work with five (5) – ten (10) persons on a team.

We will be using two locations initially and will expand to three later this week. Teams will be assigned by Larry McHaney to the location where they will best be used. Length of stay should be three (3) to five (5) days. Longer is great but it requires us to coordinate where they will be working.

Other questions:  call 817-561-0879 (SW District Office)

For an idea of the different phases of the work involved click here (great information):  Phase 1 – Cleanup; Phase 2 – Cleanup; Phase 3 – Cleanup ; Hurricane Relief Sept. 26 Houston Update; Restoration!; Hurricane Relief Sept. 28 HoustonHouston Update 10-12;Houston Relief Update 10-20-17Houston Relief Update 12/13/17