Making Your Church a Safe Place


For Children’s Ministry:  to assist local church leaders in developing clear policies and procedures that will ensure a safe and secure ministry environment. It contains useful resources to help aid your church ministry team to develop the policies and procedures necessary to make your church a safe place for students, parents, and volunteer workers. This resource contains practical forms and charts which can be reproduced for local church ministry.  SAFE PLACE BOOK

For Adults: Internet Accountability

With the increasing number of church leaders, pastors, and missionaries facing the allure of Internet pornography, we believe it is vital and strategic that we be “wise as serpents” in protecting Alliance people. Covenant Eyes is a way to accomplish this. How it works is simple. A person’s Internet usage is tracked and a report of that usage is sent to two accountability partners designated by that user.

The leaders of Covenant Eyes have agreed to greatly reduced prices for C&MA subscribers. You can access this service by going to and clicking on “Sign up now!” Then follow the instructions. You will come to a place where you can enter one of the promotional codes found in the eCommunity forums giving you the reduced price. Please note that by following the covenant eyes link, you will be leaving website.

Background Check for Ministry and Church Volunteers:  Protect My Ministry

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